Monday, October 13, 2008

How time flies

It has now been a month since this whole saga begin.  Today a month since we brought Chris into the hospital and tomorrow a month since he had the full on stroke.  The way I can remember this and not remember any appointments we make?  Tomorrow, Lilly is 6 months old.  Wow!  And I remember being in the hospital as this was all taking place, with everyone asking me how old she was, and saying, "Oh! She is 5 months old today!  Chris, you shouldn't be having a stroke when your daughter is 5 months old!"  So, a month later.  Where are we now?

In therapy. That is the short of it.  I have to say that today I feel more in control of everything than I have before.  We met with a good friend whose daughter has cerebral palsy and worked on a different type of therapy (Conductive Education) that basically works your brain more than the muscles.  Making a long story short, she is helping us do exercises that work Chris' right hand instead of teaching him how to do things with his left hand.  

With it being a month since all of this craziness began, I want to thank all of you for your help.  Thank you for visiting Chris and for keeping his spirits up.  Thank you for supporting us and the family, in matters practical and spiritual.  Thank you for reminding me that we are surrounded by such wonderful, caring people who have good hearts.  I would definitely be in a nut house if I didn't have all of you out there helping us through this.  The last month has been a month of growth for our whole family, but it is really just the beginning.  We have a long road ahead of us, but I really feel like all of you are just carrying us down the road. us a ride in a cushy car.  Thank you for all that you have done.  You Oregonians rock. (And those of you outside of Oregon, I guess!)


The Wilkes Week said...


Thanks so much for the continued updates. I love reading about how things are going and continue to keep Chris in our prayers.

Last night I was relistening to some of the conference sessions, in particular Jeffrey Holland's talk about there being angels among us - I think you have truly experienced this, this past month. I am sure there have been heavenly angels and earthly angels attending your family.

We miss you!

Rachel K. said...

here is my primary part:
because my Mom and Dad were married in the temple my family can be together forever. To know that our family can be together makes me feel good. I like it to KNOW that my family will be be together forever if we keep the commandments.
Tell me if you think there is anything I need to change.

Rachie-bo- Bachie said...


I went to Aunt Beth's today to help her unpack and take care of Lucy. Autumn cane and played with Britton. We have been having fun. I sent you my part by leaving it as a comment. I hope you got it because I don't have another copy. What's new since I left. Grandma let me have a Mister Rogers dvd that I am planning on letting Elise watch instead of Thomas the Tank Engine. ( hopefully!) I also found some embroidary stuff which I am going to use since Grandma said I can and because they look like they will make good Christmas presents. Are you still not feeling well? I hope not. Say hi to Elise for me. Okay. I love you.