Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I heart Nike

Did I tell you that I love Nike?  Yes, I've always like their shoes.  I have kind of....resented Chris' devotion to the company over the last 4 years, but most people don't realize that this started a long time ago.  I remember going to buy shoes as newlyweds and trying on reeboks.  Chris told me that his Nikes last him forever and the only pair of reeboks that he had fell apart within a month.  That is where it all began.  

Fast forward to now.  Nike has been an amazing company to work for. (Yes, I don't work for them, but when Chris is happy, I feel like they have been amazing to me)  With the family friendly environment that they foster, Chris has been more involved in our day to day activities while working at Nike.  He babysits for all of my doctor appointments, sometimes taking the kids himself.  He takes the girls to piano every Monday morning, which has been a bonding time for them and a great stress taken off of my shoulders.  None of these things would have been ok with his past employers.  So they are great, but why the increased love of all things with a swoosh?    It all started on September 15th.  The day after Chris' stroke.

As soon as the word was out, we were surrounded by their support.  Yes, it was the people, not the company, that showed us so much love.  But I just don't know how to separate the two.  All of the lunchtime visits from coworkers.  All of the phone calls and support from Human Resources.  The flowers, the gift baskets, the cards.  But then the biggies.  The things that are amazing friends, amazing people and just an amazing company.  The month of dinners from Dream Dinners blew me over. (which are so delicious, by the way!)  Now Nike has done it again.  These amazing friends and this amazing company are putting together this amazing (have I used the word amazing enough yet?) landscaping project in our backyard on November 15th.  Being in a new house, our backyard is clay nothingness.  Not so great for kids that want to play, not so great for our HOA's deadlines for installation and not so great for Chris to be walking in, much less landscaping. 

Some friends from work came to us with a few ideas to coordinate the kindness overflowing from Nike.  When they mentioned landscaping, I told them that grass would be great just because it would fulfill the HOA requirements and we could add stuff later.  Next thing I know, we are hearing things like port-a-potties, slate patio, trees and other things that make me feel very grateful, but very overwhelmed with that gratitude.  They are talking food tents and lots of people working in the rain.  Wow.  Did I say amazing yet?   When they do something, they do it big.  I just am so grateful that not only does Chris work for a company that is supporting him through this recovery and VERY emotionally trying time, but that he works for a company that is full of compassionate people.   So this is one of the many things that makes me heart nike.  


Rachie-bo-Bachie said...


We are coming home early, early tomorrow. Do you prefer that we come home pick up the piano books then go to piano or go straight to piano? grandma prefers the second one I think. I'm bringing home a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff as in takes up my blue bag, a triangle bag, and a basket. i am also bringing two beautiful plates that Grandma found in the shed. They aren't broken and the are blue and brown. Aunt Beth said that The Mozart Season was her favorite book in fourth grade and that she read it a ton. Now I am more encouraged to start reading it. I love posting comments on your blog. It is so easy and I don't have to do pretty much anything to do it. I think that it was a wonderful idea. I will check your blog before we leave and comment you. ( It isn't e-mailing so what else could I call it?) How is Dad doing? I hope therapy went well today. Lucy started rolling over although she didn't do it for us. See you tomorrow after piano.


Anonymous said...

Plus..their design looked really cool and modern. Anything I would have done would probably be way too country for Chris. :)
We miss you guys!