Friday, February 20, 2009

The case of the missing toothbrush

As you all know by now, Elise is head over heels obsessed with a certain little blue train. (no, not the engine that could.)  If you want to be on her good side, as Jacob learned, you bring a train and talk tracks with her.  Because Lilly has been accepted into her world, she is either called Lilly Poop (it was supposed to be Lilly Lu) or Baby Thomas.  We have Thomas "panties" that are always worn backwards because why on earth would any true Thomas fan want the big picture of Thomas on their rear where they can't see it?  We have accepted a Train Table as our new coffee table because her trains get played with so much.  Tonight when she went to bed, a freak out about her lost owl pj's quickly came to an end when she saw a Thomas shirt to wear instead.  My impossible to photograph daughter will sit in front of the camera forever (albeit in her diaper) if she is getting her pictures taken with her train friends.  When she colors or needs to refer to a color, she uses the trains for reference.  This is great if you know all of the trains and their names, but otherwise you might be a little lost in the beginning.  Let's have a little test in honor of the lack of formal schooling that occurred in the Kang house this week.

Rules: No googling.  Post your answers in the comments and I will give you the key on Monday.

1. Elise's favorite goat at Grandma's was Diesel goat.  What color is he?    
2. Elise was angry at Hannah for sitting on her Percy stool.  What color was the stool that caused this mid morning meltdown?
3. Mommy saved the day by suggesting that she sit on the Toby stool instead.  What color was the stool that restored peace at Grandma's?
4. Chris keeps complaining that his toothbrush disappears on a daily basis.  Elise came to me today and said with much irritation, "Daddy took my Thomas toothbrush!"  What color is Chris' toothbrush?
5.  What color of toothbrush can we buy him that won't be connected to some Thomas character, thus preventing anymore thievery on Elise's part?


Annalia Romero said...

1. Diesel - black
2. Percy - green
3. Toby - brown
4. Thomas - blue
5. I'm not sure how Chris would feel about this, but I think he'd be pretty safe with pink.

I totally have an unfair advantage on this quiz. I'm on my third Thomas fan right now. :)

Emma said...

Um I'm just going to guess.

1.brown or black
4.everyone knows that Thomas is blue!
5.I agree that he should prabably be safe with pink

I could have copied the answers Annalia posted but I won't. I probably got them wrong.

nikko said...

We're on our second Thomas fan around here.

I think you neglected James (red) and Lady (purple). :o)

Grandma Linda said...

such a cool picture sarah