Monday, February 16, 2009

Half adorable baby, half borg

Once upon a time, I used to hate Star Trek.  My family would watch it and I would leave the room in disgust.  This was before I fell in love with this cute Korean boy who loved Star Trek.  That is all it took. :)  My first Star Trek movie was First Contact, that has Jean Luc fighting off the gross and slimmy borg queen.  I remember a scene that has Jean Luc (aka the ever so handsome, yet older than my parents, Patrick Stewart) instructing his crew on the in and outs of fighting the Borg.  One thing he tells them is that they have only so many shots before the borg adjust to their weapon and it will be useless.  This is where Lilly comes in.  She took a nap for two days in the closet and now my closet weapon is not effective.  She is back to refusing to sleep at all during the day, which is sad for her and me.  She really does need more sleep as I can't think that her 10 hours at night (which I am grateful for) is enough and I did enjoy a little bit of time in the afternoon to clean, cook :)  Dang it, you cute little borg baby, you.

Side note:  When I see all of those people walking around with their hands free device in the store, chatting away to what appears to be themselves, they look pretty borgish too.  I find it a little creepy and I would think that anyone who has watched First Contact would too.   Random thoughts a la Sarah.


Grandma Linda said...

I agree about people walking around the store, very weird and it makes everyone seem so distant..

Moose said...

SHIELDS...the borg adjust their shields. And don't even get me started on the phase inversion.

Jane said...

LOL I've always thought Blue Tooths looked like Borg implants! (Also glad to know I'm not the only one watching Sci-Fi because of the man I married.)

Used to be only "crazy" people walked around talking to themselves- now there are herds of "crazies" everywhere I go!

Live long and prosper!
Emily (Cherlyn's friend)