Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Chloe

My third born in the wilderness. (aka Las Vegas)

I started making the girls birthday shirts this year, which so far has been a big hit.  (1 out of 1 isn't bad, eh?) In fact, I overheard Chloe excitingly telling her friends about her shirt and how it was ONLY hers forever, never to be passed on to her younger sisters.  All hers.  

Chloe's shirt had a little hidden lesson in it.  Turns out she doesn't know what tally marks are.  Or she didn't know.  Now she is all over them.  Whew.  Good thing I made her this shirt.  Maybe my dad can add that to his homeschool jokes.  He loves the Autumn inspired joke: "How can you tell a homeschooler?  They can read when they are three, but they don't learn to tie their shoes until they are 7!"  Now he can add "They can do 3 digit addition, but they don't know how know how to count to 7 with tally marks!"

Chloe is the fashionista of the Kang house.  She will put together the craziest things and they look great.  She has an eye for accessories.

Chloe definitely takes after Chris' mom.  They look alike and are extremely tiny.  I never understood who needed slim jeans until Chloe came along.  Slim all the way.

Chloe's favorite color is orange.  It has been since she was 2 (minus a short period where she turned to green just to be like her cousin.  She quickly returned to orange.) and she is pretty particular about the different shades of orange.  "Mom, that isn't orange.  Its pumpkin."

Chloe has always been a sweet big sister.  (Little sister?  Hmmm.  I'll get back to you on that.  It all started with biting her big sisters at 1 year old.  She's gotten a little bit better.)  She's got their back. 

Chloe says she is like me.  She kind of is.  Indecisive.  A little manipulative. (Did you know that about me?) The "middle child".  Smart.  Beautiful.  (Those last two were just for fun)

Chloe could cuddle me all day long.  (and all night if she had it her way)  She knows how to weasel into the smallest spot to make room for her in order to get her cuddles in.  I love it.

Chloe asked for My Littlest Pet Shop (SIGH) stuff and clothes for her birthday.  She always asks for clothes for presents.  2 years ago, Santa brought her an outfit. (Hey!  When you ask for it, he delivers.)

Chloe tells everyone that she was my biggest baby.  She was. (for the 1st week or so @ 8 lbs 13 oz.)

Chloe's middle name means joyful song and she lives up to it.  She has always (before she was actually talking) wandered around the house, singing some song.  

Chloe was due on the 21st of January.  Whenever she complains about someone being older than her, I remind her that she could have been much older if she would have just come on her due date.  

Happy 7th, Chloe!


Becky said...

Hapy B-Day Chloe!! WOW, 7 years old!

Beth Tunnell said...

Happy Birthday sweet Chloe! Is that a matching skirt to your tally shirt?

Samurai Mom said...

HA HA I love how you rub in her being late!!

Jenn said...

Happy birthday, Chloe!