Sunday, February 22, 2009

She isn't so fearless afterall

For those of you that know my Hannah, you will be surprised.  For those of you who don't know her, just note that this is very abnormal for her.

Last Monday, we took Chris' mom on a little day trip to Cannon Beach.  It was Rachel's birthday and she wanted to see some starfish , so we tried our best to deliver.  We looked up the low tide time and planned to be there about 2 hours before.  We tromped across the sand to the rockier area, in search of the requested starfish.  The water appeared to be coming in a little instead of going out, but nothing crazy.  At one point we had to walk a little higher to avoid some cold, wet feet, but not where we were running for our life.  This was when Hannah started wigging out.  I have never seen her so frightened and truly afraid that she was going to die and the interesting part was that there was really nothing to be afraid of.  Nobody had gotten a drop of water on them and we were not even close to the water.  I had to go back to the car with her because she was so upset and certain that she was about to die.  

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