Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life with a sicky Lilly Lu

Nothing is sadder than watching your children suffer.  Lilly has gotten the whole cold thing that a bunch of us have around her, but she is littler so the cold is bigger.  Overall, she is quite happy for sounding so horrible.  As Hannah came in announcing today, "Lilly lost her voice!"  (It was actually quite cute because she was extremely concerned about the well being of her baby sister we didn't know that she had lost her voice!)  
The big sympathy grabber is when she cries.  At first, it isn't even an audible cry.  Within a few seconds, she gets a voice and lets out these pitiful, hoarse cries.  Very heart-rending and it just makes you want to cuddle her forever. (which is why that is just about all I did today)  To add to her sad cry, part of her sickiness is that she doesn't want me to leave her side.  If I do, the crying begins and I am quickly back in her presence.  This is why not a whole lot got done today around the Kang house.  Actually, considering, a whole heck of a lot got done.  We even had Sarushi for dinner tonight.  (Sarah's version of sushi!)  I am just hoping that she gets better before she gets worse.  Please?

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