Tuesday, February 24, 2009

late nighters at the Kang's

Chris: Do you know what time it was when you went to bed last night?
Me: Don't tell me!  It makes me more tired!
Chris: (insert inaudible mumbling)
Me: If you only knew what I was doing last night!  You would think it was totally worth it!
Chris: What was that? (expecting another laundry fairy visit or something)
Me: I made cute wraps to go around the towels in the girls' bathroom! Actually, only one because I kept messing up.  I think it was too late.
Chris: (speechless)

Here is my lovely work of art that has been wandering around my brain for a week or so.  It probably would have turned out better if I had done it during daylight hours when my brain was at least working at 50% capacity, but it also probably would have never been completed if I had waited for that.

In addition, below is a treasures that I found at my favorite little Snohomish shop, Joyworks.  The clippy board isn't completely finished as I have to add some pictures that reflect the last two girlies in our family.  (reflecting when I got my digital camera and stopped having a ton of extra pictures around)  Note the basket at the bottom that used to have a bunch of paper in it.  Once I refill (and teach Elise that they paper is to color on, not to tote around the house), the girls will continue to color little pictures for me to display in empty clips.    

Side Note #1: The fabulous St. Cleanliness that came to my house does have a real name.  I highly recommend her.  Her name is Jess and if you want any more info about her, you probably better e-mail me as I don't want to go willy nilly posting her info on here.  Fabulous.

Side Note #2:  I forgot about the Thomas Quiz and I am sure you are all checking regularly for these very important answers.  Here goes.
1. Grey/Black
2. Green
3. Brown
4. Blue
5. you got me there!  I think pink is about it, but is Chris manly enough for a pink toothbrush?

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Emma said...

Those towl wraps are so cute!!I don't think you could do a better job on them since they are already FABULOUS!!!! Well if he's not manly enough for a pink toothbrush he'll just have to live with sharing a toothbrush with Elise!