Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whoo got more sleep than me last night?

At the Kang house, we have a rule that allows you to have a big birthday party on your even years and a family party on your odd years.  It is a fabulous rule because: 1. I only have to plan a birthday party every other year for the girls.  2. It simplifies 3. The even year/ odd year allows the girls to have big parties on "big" years (8:baptism, 12: They enter young women's at church, 14: They can go to dances, 16: They can't date and 18: They are NOT adults yet!)
The downsides to this rule are: 1. I had all of the girls 2 years apart (minus Hannah) so 5 of them are on an even year together.  5 parties a year vs. if I had split it up a little.   and 2. I am a sucker!  

This year Rachel is turning 11.  "Wait!", you say, "That would mean that she didn't have a slumber party last night."  Ah, but she did.  With us being in a new area with new friends, I figure birthday parties are a good way to hang out with friends.  I am a sucker, but at least I don't regret it.  Yet.   This started out as a small slumber party and ended up with 7 girls, which I consider kind of big. At least the noise level was big, right?  They had lots of fun being silly and when I went to bed at 2 am, it was still pretty loud down there.  I am pretty ok with the noise as long as it was "joyful chaos" instead of cat fights.  But there wouldn't be cat fights because all of Rachel's new friends are great.  Silly, but great.  I have felt zero regrets in moving out to Forest Grove.  I have been so happy with all of the friends that the girls have made and definitely feel like we are in the right place.  

Back to the party.  There was lots of twisting, snorting and all sorts of spoonerificness.  Rachel decided on owl cupcakes, a la Hello Cupcake, which we still love dearly.  Cupcakes rock, but they rock even more when Elise calls them bupcakes.  I think bupcakes might even taste better than cupcakes.  Overall, a very fun evening.  Now it is off to planning our fairy soiree for my other odd numbered birthday. (Although Autumn deserves hers because her even birthday was cancelled last year due to selling our house and an 8 month pregnant mom who was VERY stressed.  I'll make up for her.  This birthday is going to rock all of fairy realm.  Big time. )


Grandma Linda said...

Oh, those cupcakes are SO cute Sarah! Hey, would you like a donation of faries for the party? I'd love to I'v got tons and I'm not selling anything on Etsy.

Emma said...

It was so much fun! The cupcakes were the best! I rate this party a 20 on a 10 scale of awesomeness!

bloodfamily said...

Man Sarah you rock with those cupcakes. Your girls don't know how good they've got it.

Annalia Romero said...

Sofia wants to know why she wasn't invited?
Love the cup cakes!

Annalia Romero said...

Cheater Tortillas

2 cups flour
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp salt

You will obviously want to alter it a little! :) The easiest thing to roll them out with is one of those rolling pins that is just a round piece of wood (they have them in the $ section at Target).
The dough should not be sticky. Cook them in a dry pan that is hot enough to cook one tortilla while you roll out the next.
Good luck! Love, Annalia