Monday, February 23, 2009

My house glisteneth

I have always balked at the idea of a house cleaner, for a myriad of reasons.  Things like not wanting my kids to think that others will clean all of their messes, the cost, the fact that I feel like I should be doing it all, the cost....I could go on.  

Just like my first pedicure, I will always remember my first house cleaning.  When Chris had his stroke, my sister called  and told me that she realized that she couldn't help a lot, but that she had scheduled a house cleaner to come the day before Chris came home.  House cleaner is not the right word.  Miracle worker?  Yep, that is a lot more accurate.  Imagine my delight when some friends of Chris' from work gave us a gift card for another visit from St. Clean House!  I have put off setting up an appointment because I wanted this at the perfect moment.  Before a big get together?  Hmmm.  Good because  it would save me from a lot of cleaning, but would it last as long as if I did it on an ordinary day?  Yet if I did it on any old day, would anyone get to witness my house being so clean?  Finally, I decided to just do it and today was the day.  Let me just say: Natalie and Kitty, you know the way to a woman's heart.  I love you guys!  Hannah told me, "When I first came upstairs, I couldn't even talk it looked so clean!"  That is pretty much how I felt and proceeded to let the little girls watch a Thomas show while I nursed in my quiet and clean downstairs.  Enjoying the miracle of my house that glisteneth. (Yes, spellcheck, I know that it isn't a real word!)  Maybe I'll take some pictures for you tomorrow, but I am now off to do the laundry.  Is there a St. Launderette? 


Leigh Anne said...

I so miss my housecleaner. I was just telling Jim the other day how much I miss having the ENTIRE house clean all at one time!

So is the name of the service CLean House - do you have a contact number for them? Thinking of treating myself to a Clean House all at one time day!!!

Email me it- thanks!

Grandma Linda said...

Oh, Sarah I'm so happy for you!You deserve it.