Thursday, February 5, 2009

I had it coming

I am reluctant to even post this because it shows you just where 6 kids can take you.  I am sure that there will be many a first time mom that reads this post and shudders "Yuck!".  On the other hand, it was so stinking hilarious that I have to share. (And it was obviously a slow blog day since this is all I can come up with!)

Elise has always hated me cleaning her face, yet she seems to get her face dirty faster than any of the other girls did at this age.  Everytime I would clean her face, I would then have to listen to her cry for the next 10 minutes while swatting at her face.  A little while ago, I discovered that Mommy Dog could clean her face, even though I couldn't.  Or maybe it is that baby dog doesn't mind having her face clean as much as Elise does. (Although lately she has been branching out to baby birdy, baby joey, baby cow, etc.)  Here is the gross part.  Being that I have adapted to convenient mothering, this normally is done by simply licking my fingers and wiping her face.  As long as I say "Oh, baby dog, we need to clean your face" or something of the like, she is happy to oblige.  Tonight, as I was tucking her in, mommy dog realized that baby dog had a little speck of something on her cheek that needed cleaning.  Mommy dog did her duty (at least I don't just lick her face, right?  That would be REALLY gross!) and suddenly, Elise licked her fingers and cleaned mommy dog's face right back.  This was somehow much grosser than mommy dog cleaning baby dog's face.  Yet, it seems to me that I am fortunate that she hasn't done this sooner.  

Side Note: On Super Nanny, she suggested making this cute little towel puppet to clean your child's face with.  When I saw this, I remember thinking "Yes, I guess that might work, too.  Way less gross." but in all reality, my fingers are always with me and when would the towel puppet be? Probably never.

Side Note #2: I still remember when Rachel was officially not my baby.  I went to "clean" her face and she jumped away, shrieking in disgust.  

Side Note #3: I just want you guys to know how hesitant I am to even post this.  I am going to quickly push publish before I change my mind. :)


bloodfamily said...

I think that is a stinkin' cute story. One thing that I used to do with my boys was ask them to stick out their tongues, and I would use their own spit to clean their own face. Hey, worked for me.

Samurai Mom said...

I am such a battle hardend mom, I can't even figure out why you were reluctant to share this.

Grandma Linda said...

funny sweetie. I distinctly remember when each of you would pull away and say something like, that stinks uck...its a mother thing love you I'm in slc havn't left my room yet watching what not to wear

Beth Tunnell said...

Doesn't licking your fingers to clean a child's face come with being a mom? When I started doing it without any reluctance, I knew I was becoming a real mom, just like mine and all of my friends (when we were little. Sure am glad she doesn't do that any more. Although if you wear a holey pair of jeans around her, she'll still try to rip them irrepairably).