Monday, January 12, 2009

Bibliophiles unite

Yes, I am a bibliophile.  I love my books and I think that I have successfully passed that love of books (or obsession?) onto my daughters.  (Although, when we moved, I realized that it is a lot harder for bibliophiles to pack.)  I know that an appreciation of good books was always encouraged while I was growing up (but don't ask me why they didn't burn my SVH books that I read for all of my middle school years) and my parents are still doing their part to pass that on to their grandchildren.  

Every Christmas, my parents give each of the grand kids a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  I think this tradition stems from my dad's many hours spent exploring the shelves of this store.  This is quite the treat for the girls because, although we own a lot of books, they rarely get to go into a bookstore and choose whatever they dang well please.  In preparation for the much anticipated trip to spend their gift cards (which normally lasts at least two hours), I talked to the girls about choosing books that could be a treasure in their library.  Not just a paperback that they would read once and finish in 30 minutes.  A classic?  I book that was part of a series that they enjoy?  Preferably a hardback? (I am a little bit of a hardback snob.  If they make it in hardback and I know I like the book, hardback it is.)  And NO toys this year.  I figure if Grandma and Grandpa wanted us to get toys, they would get us Target gift cards, right?  
After much deliberating in the children's section, the girls made their decisions.  Hannah needed a mini story time to decide which book she would choose.  Chloe, my especially indecisive child, just didn't know where to start.  Elise wanted....a Thomas train. (I actually would have let her get it, but she did get distracted by some lovely books)  I thought I would share their choices, as I was pretty impressed with their choices.  Rachel got the most recent installment of the Leven Thumps books.  (which I don't really get but I think they are the closest thing she can get to Harry Potter, so she goes for it)  It is a hardback and a series she likes, so kudos for Rachie!  Autumn got a book about fairies.  Good: Hardback  Bad: Disney fairies instead of the more whimsical and less commercialized Cecily Mary Barker fairies that are all over her room.   Still, she loves it and spends hours pouring over it, so all is great.  Chloe got Strawberry Girl, which is a classic and a hardback so "Yeah!" for Chloe. Hannah ended up with Fairy Foals, which for a horse lover that has a great imagination, is perfect.  The real fun comes with Elise and Lilly because....I get a little more say.  Elise actually ended up choosing a playful picture book, The Little Blue Truck, instead of a Thomas book that she liked.  I was a little shocked, but the book she chose is a quick read with great pictures and a nice ring to it.  Lilly chose (yes, she did!  I swear I had nothing to do with her decisions. wink, wink) a Richard Scarry book that I grew up reading (and have already read over and over to the girls.) and Skippy Jon Jones. We discovered Skippy Jon Jones during piano lessons, trying not to laugh out loud as we read it for the first time.  It is hilarious and is not for the faint of heart. Warning, though: You have to be ready with your fake Spanish accent to pull this one off.  

These are all books that will be much loved as they grace our bookshelves. (and our floor.  and our couch.)  Every year I struggle with just letting them redeem their gift cards online to save money, but there is something rather priceless in perusing a bookstore.  You normally come out with something completely different that you came in for and it is kind of like trying on a dress before you buy it.  I've never been able to get into buying my clothes online for this very reason and I guess I haven't totally accepted always shopping online for my books yet. Amazon does  have its place, but I hope bookstores are always around.


Mike & Becky said...

I love getting book ideas from you, thanks!

Jenn said...

Of all I miss about living in a city, I think having a big bookstore is one of the top three. We used to go all the time, and now I haven't been in a Borders in over a year.

What a wonderful traditional gift for the kids!

Beth Tunnell said...

We just redeemed our gift certificates, too! Unfortunately, I wasn't so smart as to give specifications on what kind of books we had to pick out. Britton picked a fairy book, too. Barbie Faeritopia. We read it about twelve times in two days. At least the Clifford book she picked is very educational.

Annalia Romero said...

We got a Skippy Jon Jones at the library that came with a CD of the story being read by the author. She did a much better job than I do!

Annalia Romero said...

And, Beth, I think I might kill myself if I had to read a Barbie Faeritopia book more than once a day. You are such a nice mom!