Saturday, January 3, 2009

In with the new and out with the old

Happy Late New Years to all! We have been enjoying a mellow New Year's with family, just hanging around enjoying our loved ones. As the New Year came, I started reflecting over the past year, which I feel has been a whirling mess of craziness mixed in with wonderfulness. (How is that for a description?) I feel like, considering how many things have happened this last year, we have come out ahead of it all. We have not only survived, but I feel like we are in a better place than we were a year ago. And, of course, as soon as I start thinking about our survival of the past year, I start thinking about all of the many people that made that possible. All of our wonderful friends and family out there that played such a large part in keeping me sane and helping us get through pretty tough times. We have been so blessed by our Heavenly Father throughout all of this, doing everything possible to help us keep our heads above water during the thick of it and sending us many people that have blessed us with kindness. There is a quote by Spencer W. Kimball that I love and that I feel completely applies to our last year. "God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." That quote IS the past year. Thank you, all of you wonderful people out there and may I return the favor in 2009.

Camera hospitalization update: Camera Works rocks. They fixed up my camera like new (a loose screw on the main board? Sounds like my problem in life.) for a mere $45. I love you, Camera Works. Now can you ship my camera to me so I can still take family pictures for everyone? Please?)


Mike & Becky said...

It was so much fun getting to hang out with you during your visit. It was awesome seeing how good Chris is doing. I love you so much.

Jen said...

Amen to that! Let's hope for 2009!

Oh, and I'm glad to hear the camera works. Loose screw, eh? Do cameras get like their owners like dogs and owners start looking alike? Ha ha... you know I'm kidding.

I'm glad to hear your family AND the camera survived 2008!

Annalia Romero said...

I know you were just up here, but I just want you to know that you guys have an open invitation at my house! If you warn me, I'll even clean. :)