Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

Something about this picture gives me warms the cockles of my heart.  Maybe because of the excitement that ensued when I placed this on the table of the younger girls' room.  Maybe because it has been an image that has been swimming around the left side of my brain for many months and is finally put together in all its simplistic glory.  Just as fabulous as I had imagined it.  The dish came from goodwill and was quite ugly in its raw form.  I had a little spray painting party the other night and gave it a new life.  The robin eggs and the acorns came from Casey's Wood (along with many other treats that I am sure you will see sooner or later on here) and were greeted by Elise, running for her chipmunk while squawking about the chipmunk's food.  I am not sure what the future has to hold for the robin eggs.  Will they become lunch in the girls' kitchen?  Will they be for the fairies to play with? (I was kind of hinting in that direction when I placed the fairy in there with them!)  We'll see where those creative minds take them.  Ah, the joys of creative play.

Kudos to Casey's Wood!  I finally called about my missing order the other day and it was sent to our town home, now MIA.  I tried tracking it down, but the transient nature of the town home didn't help much.  They immediately sent the package again and three days later our little bundle of joy arrived.  Thank you, Casey's Wood!  And thank you, blogger, for not letting me de-underline my post.  Ugh!

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Annalia Romero said...

I love your little cutie things, even though they aren't edible. I can't imagine the dish being ugly? Anyhow, great job!
Wish we could play together.