Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love my visiting teacher!

In our church, there is a system in place that assigns all of the women a visiting teacher who is supposed to come once a month to visit and basically be there when you need someone.  (spiritually, physically, etc...)  Having said that....I have the best visiting teacher ever and I am not sure why because it isn't like I deserve one.  I am not so good at getting to see all of my chickies once a month, but I do try.  Really.  And anybody that I have visit taught in the past that is reading this should get comfort in knowing that I feel much guilt over being a bad visiting teacher.  Major guilt.  

Ok.  Back to why I love my visiting teacher.  
A.  Her husband and her came over as soon as they heard about Chris in church and offered to bring over a very delicious meal.  
B.  They randomly stop in to see if we are okay and it is normally when we really need it. 
C.  Her husband introduced us to Forest Grove's Gingko tree. Not super useful, but cool.  
D. She came to visit and said "Why don't I do your dishes while we talk?"  Wow!  Do people really say that?  She could have told me that I won a million bucks and I don't think I would have been as excited.  
E. They sat with us in church to help with the girls while I ran out to take care of Lilly  
F.  They have a great big dog that they let the girls ride (however briefly) 
G.  Her husband just stopped by and took our very dead tree out and is burning it right now. (at his place, not mine)  
H.  They brought over fresh baked sodium free bread on top of it all  
I. She is a mother of a ton of kids (7? Oh, I guess that is only one more than me.  Scary.) and she homeschooled most of them. 
 J. They came and snow plowed our street so we could get to church.  

Down to earth and fabulous.  Now I just need her to teach me how to make her bread so delicious.      I was at the sink tonight thinking about how I needed to get my tree out when the door bell rang.  Yep.  My visiting teacher's husband and sons, sent at her behest.  

Remember that quote by Spencer W. Kimball about how God answers our prayers through other people?  So many prayers answered by one family.  Thank you, Heavenly Father.  Thank you, Matiako family.  


Annalia Romero said...

Wow. What ethnicity could that name be? Sounds asian, but I met them and they weren't. Greek?

I'm so glad you have a cool VTer! I listened to a Paramour sound today that reminded me of you and personal trauma that moving brings. I'll have to remember the name and send it to you.

Annalia Romero said...

By the way, sorry I never called you back last night...or tonight? I kind of got busy chatting and driving kids to see various friends. I'll call you tomorrow...or I guess today now?