Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Operation Organization begins tonight

Today I received a much anticipated little package from Amazon that held the secret to my new, more organized life.  I ordered Project: Organization in an attempt to get control over the somewhat crazy house that I am supposed to be domestic engineer over.   I really had no experience when I started this job, but I think it is time now for some serious training.  Right now?  I am working on our room, which in the aftermath of Chris' stroke never truly got unpacked.  Whenever there wasn't a designated home for something we unpacked, I think it just got sent up to our bedroom or my soon to be craft room.  For all of you organized, fly lady sort of people, this is very new to me.  I am hoping I will come out on top and conquer this once and for all.  And so the war begins.  

Toothfairy Update:  After threatening Chloe with a trip to the dentist to pull out her tooth (that was now behind her front tooth and just getting gross), she let me tie a string to it and give it a yank.  Chloe has always been a little bit of a wimp since she takes after her mama, so after holding a paper towel in her bloody mouth about 10 minutes, we discovered that there were TWO teeth missing from her mouth.  We still have no idea what happen to the 1st tooth's neighbor, but it apparently wanted to fall out too?  I only pulled out one tooth, I swear.  I had to go look back at Christmas pictures to be 100% sure that she hadn't already lost the missing tooth, which she swore she had.  A toy from Target and an extended bedtime later, Chloe no longer has her crazy tooth situation.  Something just isn't very cute about 2 teeth in one spot. Yuck.  (especially when one is hanging down below the other. Double yuck.)  I will try to get a picture of my toothless cutie tomorrow for all to see.  (Try being the operative word.)

Organization Update: Sitting room and most of bedroom done.  Laundry tackled.  Chris now has clean socks. Lots of clean, nicely matched socks.  I think I need to  sleep now so my six little sweeties don't undo everything while I sleep tomorrow morning.  (Ok, probably just two of those six sweeties will do the majority of the undoing.)


Mike & Becky said...

You are rocking... what is the name of the book that you got?

Sarah said...

The link is in the post. I saw it on Deseret Book, but got it at Amazon.

nikko said...

Oy. I need some help in this department, too. After we're done with our bathroom remodel we're hoping to do a clutter overhaul of the whole house. Yuck. Maybe I need that book. LOL.