Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chris' first day of school

The first day of "school" for Chris. :)  Each day, he has speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. 

 The speech therapist was very encouraging, telling him that she sees him getting back to normal with his speech.  She said we will probably see a big difference just in the next week.  He can say all of his sounds, but he has to talk slowly right now.  

The occupational therapist teaches him how to do those things like getting dressed, brushing his teeth, typing....daily tasks.  He said that as much as it is important for him to learn how to do everyday tasks, the real benefit is that it is normally through doing these tasks that your brain reconnects.  He said that Chris has the ability to move his arm and his leg, but his brain's wiring is messed up from the stroke.

The physical therapist helped Chris walk and they worked on his arm a little.  She said that he will only stay there for about 7-10 days because they basically get them to a point where they can go home safely so he can do the rest of his rehab from home.  She suggested getting our room downstairs ready for him, which will keep us busy for....7-10 days. :)  Move craft stuff upstairs, get a mattress for him....

Overall, it was a very exciting day because the therapists at the rehab center are quite informative and we feel like we are getting some more answers.  I think Chris' darkest day was when they weren't telling him what to expect with regaining use of his arm.  When you are in bed all day, your mind starts imagining all of the things that could go wrong.  Not good. :)

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Angela said...

Sarah, You are AMAZING!!!! With everything going on, you found time to blog?!?! Thank you, cuz I was just wondering how you all are doing...& it's too late to call... *^^* -Angela