Tuesday, September 23, 2008

encouraging day

Two good things today at rehab:  Chris was able to do "bed angels" with his arms today!  His therapist said that without gravity in play as much, he has a lot more movement of his arm.  She is going to keep doing this with him, but she warned us not to get discouraged because that doesn't translate to movement when sitting up.  But it is a good sign.  Second thing: Chris was able to push with his ankle (briefly) during physical therapy.  This is the most movement his ankle has seen since the stroke.  Yeah!  

I thought I would share the different ways the girls have handled Chris' stroke today.  Since there are 6 of them, I will do some today and some tomorrow. :)  Hannah seems like the same crazy 4 year old that she always has been.  She is loving having her cousin, Luna, here to play with.  Whenever anything goes south around the house, she ultimately ends up crying about how much she misses her dad and wants to go see him.  Chloe seems to be the most affected.  She  told my mom that she keeps praying for her daddy, but everytime she does, she ends up crying.  She wrote him a note saying that she wished he had never had his stroke and she wants him home so she can cuddle him. (You and me both, girl!)  Rachel is one that I worried about more.  I remember worrying a lot at her age, but she knows Chris will be better.  I asked her how she was doing and here was her response.  "Yeah, I wish you both were home, but I am really having a ton of fun with Aunt Rachel and grandma!"  Thanks, Rach. My theory is that if she is able to have an easier time by bonding with family, more power to her. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent Chris cards.  I just realized today that I haven't checked the mail for a week, but I will deliver them to PARC tomorrow.  I was about to post this when I got very sad news.  A girl I knew in high school woke up this morning to her 1 year old having passed away.  My heart is breaking into a million pieces for her.  Wow.  I can't even find words for it.  Just when I thought we were dealing with tough stuff.  

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