Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Update

This will be quick.  I just got Lilly to sleep and want to get there myself.  Tired. 

There wasn't any more ankle movement today, but Chris' shoulder was strong enough to lift up the right arm in a "healthy" motion. (They don't want you just raising your arm willy nilly or your shoulder will start to always lift your arm like that.  Make sense? Its late.)  Chris is free to wheel himself (with his feet) around the unit.  Not free to leave the building quite yet.  We brought Rachel up to the hospital and played some rummikub with her.  It was fun to see her and Chris jab at each other and be silly.  It was just like old times.  So great.

For those of you who don't know me that well, I have a major tendency to "sweat the small stuff".  Basically, I stress about everything.  I have been stressing about my girls being teenagers since they were born.  I don't even need anything to stress about.  I will find it.  That is where I really am feeling God's hand in all of this.  I have to say, beyond the first day or two, I really haven't felt stressed.  I feel so assured that everything will work out and that whatever the outcome, we can handle it.  Because this is SO unlike me (Actually, for our first Christmas together, Chris bought me the book, Don't sweat the small stuff.....yes, a not so subtle hint)  I feel like this has been such a huge blessing.  Especially with not really knowing what the long term results of this stroke could be, I should be stressed.  But I am not.   It will all work out.  

Real quickly.  Could Chris work for a better company through this?  I LOVE NIKE!  I think of some other companies that he has worked for  Everyday they do something that just knocks my socks off.  Amazing.  Today?  I found out that some amazing people are sending us dinners from Dream Dinners.  I was thrilled.  Then I found out that they are sending a month of dinners.  That was when my socks were officially knocked off.  Chris and I both are so grateful for all of you.  Every visit.  Every call.  Every prayer.  Every card.  Every act of service.  Everything.   You are all the reason why I feel such peace in what should be such a crazy time.  Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

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