Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making life interesting

I have decided to try to do our Chris updates via blog because it will be easier and then I won't have to worry about missing people when I send out my e-mails.  (And you can opt out if you don't want to hear every detail, right?)

Today was....interesting.  We found out that as long as the cardiology side goes ok, Chris will be discharged on Friday or Saturday.  Hopefully, he will be sent to a inpatient rehabilitation clinic in Portland. (Not everything is settled, but this is what will most likely happen.)  This will allow him to work, work, work and get better quickly.  Once again, this is good and bad.  He will be further away and a little bit less accessible for the girls and me.  BUT he will be working hard and getting better!

Autumn got her braces put on and came to hang out with Chris a little.  She was a cheerful spirit to have around.  She gave him some good cuddling and then had some thumb wars with him.  Chris enjoyed seeing Autumn's pink and blue braces....and really just being part of one of those everyday things that don't seem so exciting until you are missing them all.

Chris is being put through all sorts of tests to figure out why he has such high blood pressure at age 32.  They are looking at his kidneys for some of those answers, so keep your fingers crossed.   Until then, the nagging wife is ruining Chris' life with a low cholesterol  and low sodium diet.

Today was a little frustrating for Chris, since he does have a little bit of an impatient streak in him.  He has never been one to wait, which is why he is very frustrated that things aren't getting better already.  His right arm is the most discouraging since he feels as if it isn't responding to anything he does.  He can move his arm, but his shoulder is doing all of the work.  I have been trying to remind him that we are only three days into our recovery!  

He was able to walk (with his geriatric walker, as he calls it) into the hall today.  This was done, of course, sporting the swoosh and a brace on his right leg.  The funniest part of the day?  When the physical therapist suggested he buy "any cheap shoe" in a larger size for therapy.  I kindly let her know just who she was talking to and within a few hours, Jake had brought over some bigger Nikes for his afternoon therapy.   

Today has been full of people visiting Chris, helping with the homefront, sending well wishes and flowers and just being great friends.  Thank you everyone for your thoughts and friendship.  Chris loves hearing all of the messages as I pass them on.  Thank you!  I'll try to have some pictures for the next post. :)


Anonymous said...

You need to get to bed earlier!


Tomasz said...

Hi there!
Hang in there! I am really glad that things are improving for you!! Gosh cannot imagine the scare Chris must have put you through, just hearing the news made me feel horrible. We are very glad that things are getting better although being impatient I too sympathize with Chris. We're looking towards your updates and praying for your family. Hopefully there is a silver lining that having caught this at 32 he is young and strong to overcome it and from there on he can take better care of himself. If this happened few years from now it could be entirely different story.
Take care!
Tomasz and Renia.

Harris said...


We are all anxiously reading through all these updates and hoping & praying that you get better soon. You're a tough guy, and I'm sure you'll fight your way back to great health in no time. Stay strong buddy. I'll be seeing ya soon.

Harris Zafar