Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

Today was full of preparation for Chris' homecoming this Friday.  Yes, you heard right!   This Friday!  Yeah!  He is so excited to be out of the hospital and back home with the kids.  

Lots of cool things that happened today.  
1. He was able to briefly control a muscle on his right forearm
2. He had a sensation in his ankle (once again, briefly, but we are thrilled nonetheless)
3. He got to play fetch with a service dog and take him on a walk (And swears he walks better with the dog.  Nice try, Chris.  No more dogs at the Kang house for a while.)
4. Chris had a visit with a man who had a stroke about 3 years ago.  We got to talk with him for a while and just see a live case study.  He has fully recovered and remembers being in Chris' shoes not too long ago.
5. I got to see Chris walk with and without his cane.  He actually gets a little bit of speed, but I am still worried that he will fall every time I see his leg start to buckle.  Please, no falling.
6. The Dr. told Chris that he should be able to drive an automatic in a month or two.  This is good news, but it doesn't get rid of that little problem of a stick that Chris bought a week before his stroke.

I think there were other things that went on, but I really can't remember at this point.  Brain dead.  Maybe tomorrow I will remember and update with any additional cool things that come to me.  Tomorrow a bunch of guys from our church are coming over to help get Chris' room ready downstairs.  Thank you, muscles.  I don't think I could carry all of that scrapbooking stuff upstairs.  Yes, Chris had the nerve to take over my scrapbooking room. :)  He says that this stroke was all part of his plan to make sure I didn't have a "crap" room. (His nickname for my craft room)  I guess I'll forgive him.  Just this time.   Only because I am so dang happy that he is alive.

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