Monday, September 22, 2008

Slumber Party Time!

I didn't get to update yesterday because Lilly and I had a little slumber party at PARC with Chris.  Think slumber party without...the yummy snacks, staying up late, OR having access to a shower. :)  But it was nice to spend a little more time with Chris and to be there for all of his therapy today.  

Chris is in good spirits, which I think comes from the empowerment that you feel when you are tackling life's challenges head on.  He is busy working on his arm and his leg all day long and it seems to be making him feel a little better.  No improvements in his arm and leg, but he is getting better at doing things one handed.  He can put on his shirt one handed and put on tube socks.  He even learned how to tie his shoelace one handed.  (It was that or elastic shoelaces, which he refused.)

Side note:  Lilly is scooting her little self across the closet right now to get paper.  She even spent a little bit of time on her knees.  GO, Lilly! Yeah!  Don't worry, folks.  Chris got to see her crawl/scoot at the hospital yesterday.  

I came home a little early today to make it to Chloe and Hannah's soccer game.  They both scored a goal, but the real highlight was when Hannah was chasing down the other team for the ball.  I cheered "Go, Hannah!  Get the ball!"  When she heard me, she stopped running after the other team and turned to me, waving.  "Hi, mom!"  Hannah likes soccer, but she is more on the field to chat.  I had to include that because Chris just cracks up when she does things like that out there.  Skipping to the goal, chatting with her friends....She keeps the game fun.  The whole time I watched their game, I was feeling guilty because I was going to break it to them after that our soccer season was being cut short.  It was just too much for my mom to get everyone to games 5 days a week. (Yuck!)  When I told their coach the situation, he arranged for rides within minutes and now the kids will never know that their soccer season was about to be cut short.  Thank you to people out there that are helping keep my girls' life that much more normal.  I am counting my many blessings right now for those many acts of kindness that we've seen over the last week.  


Anonymous said...

Your updates are greatly appreciated. You always manage to make me laugh and cry in every single one. I love watching all of the little and/or big acts of kindness that are being done for your family. I want to thank everyone that has been helping you out because it give me comfort to know you are being taken care of. I love you sooooo much!


Beth Tunnell said...

I can't believe Lilly is already kind of crawling! That is so cool! But she was just barely rolling over it seems like yesterday... And I don't know if Lucy ever will. I have a really hard time letting her cry until she finally pushes herself over. So spoiled!

Ann Agent said...

Thanks for posting updates here. I've been keeping your husband and family in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the girls aren't going to have to quit soccer! I know Anthony has a breakdown if they cancel a practice!
Tell Chris we're all rooting for him.