Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moving Update

We are still living out of boxes, but I thought I would send a quick update.  We love our new house and having our space double. (from the town house, not from our old house)  There is still so much to do and I am starting to wonder if things will ever get back to normal.  Today we are going back to the townhome to clean and tomorrow will be back to unpacking.  So basically, we are alive.  As I get the girls' rooms all done, I will post pictures of the different decorating that we did.  Rachel and Autumn are going with a brown and pink.  Chloe, Hannah and Elise are following a little 30's style.  Lilly has green, brown, pink and blue in some fun-funkery style.  They say color is stimulating for babies, right?  Well, she will be stimulated!  (If she ends up having issues with add, we will know why.)  As much fun as it is to do this post on the floor of our closet, I am going to get ready for some major cleaning.  We'll see you soon!


Jen said...

Very nice! Who is your builder? Are they the same builders that are everywhere?

Trying to be compliant said...

Where are you? I tried to phone and email but nothing is working! I need your new information!


Sarah said...

Our builder is DR Horton. Mixed reviews. Love the house. Nicely done. Bad CS. Very bad. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!
I'm going to send you a prepaid cell phone! Are you waiting to have your service hooked up? What is your #?!
Miss you guys. We're going to invade as soon as Tony leaves. Consider yourself warned.

Sarah said...

Tomorrow I am getting a cell phone and someday a certain voip provider might actually send me our phone kit. (cough, voicewing,cough, cough) I won't mention any names. :)