Friday, September 19, 2008

Chris needs some eyes. :)

I am about to run off to the hospital and have this problem that needs fixing.  I had the idea to ask if any of you might have an idea of what I should do instead of me going to the hospital and making a bunch of phone calls.  

Chris is pretty blind without his contacts and doesn't own a pair of glasses.  Not only is putting contacts in pretty tricky with one hand (although they said the nurses could do it), but he is on his last pair of contacts and they are starting to rip.  I would like to get him glasses and some new contacts, but he needs a new prescription.  Do any of you know of any eye doctors that actually do "home visits"?  I figure someone out there has to serve those people that are homebound, right?  If you have any help us out with some info, you can e-mail our home or Chris' work and we will be able to get it at the hospital.  The hospital didn't have any info for me and I was going to start searching this morning.  Thank you!

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