Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our attempt at picking apples

During the weekend, Chris has a lighter rehab schedule, so I sensed a slight boredom setting in yesterday.  I suspected it was coming a few days ago when he was so excited to go on a walk through the hospital, but yesterday it seemed a little more severe.  I am hoping that getting his laptop out helped a little, but it can't be fun being stuck in the hospital for so stinking long!  Thank you to all of those visitors that help break up his day a little.  Tonight all of the girls are going up there, so he might be wishing for a little more boredom pretty soon.  

Physically, nothing has changed.  One day, he is going to go to move his fingers and they will actually move.  Just wait. Soon. :)

While Chris' dad was here, Chris really wanted us to go apple picking with the girls.  He kicked us all out of the hospital telling us to take the girls to a place we picked apples at a few years ago.  After packing up all of the girls, we discover that our beloved apple farm doesn't do u-pick anymore, so we were stuck with picking our apples from boxes instead of trees.  As a bit of a consolation prize, the owner let the girls feed the goats.  This seemed to even things out for the girls, especially when they figured out that the goats liked weeds more than goat feed.  

Elise: Look! Daddy goat!
Me: Nope.  That is a llama.
Elise: Mama goat?
Me: Nope. Llama.  Mommy llama.
Elise: Mama goat? 
Me: Yep. :)
Yes, my kids like making silly faces for the camera.  Where's Lilly? Sleeping.

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