Monday, September 29, 2008

The finger is back!

Right after Chris' stroke, he could very slightly move one finger.  Within a week, that movement went away.  Yesterday, he found that if he has his right arm across his body, he is able to move that finger again.  Yeah!  It seems easier to think the other fingers will regain movement if there is that small glimmer of hope.  

Last night we went to see Chris with all of the girls.  I felt like we were at home again with everyone being together again.  Elise found that she really likes to sit on Daddy's lap in his wheelchair.  We went to take Chris on a walk and she refused to put on her shoes, saying "No, Daddy lala!" (Lala is Elise's strange way of saying sit)  So she rode on his lap. (I am still wondering if that is against all of those hospital rules.  We'll probably find out next time we do it.)  This was great because she has been a little aprehensive about interacting with Chris at the hospital.  She is normally stuck to daddy like glue, so I think this has been a little hard for Chris to swallow.  It was nice for Chris.  Thanks, Elise.

My sister, Lia, came to help with the girls this week.  I think it should be a pretty easy job for her (relatively) because she brought play friends for each of the kids.  Elise saw her cousin, James, and immediately got on the floor and started barking like a dog.  I am off to take the girls to piano, buy Chris a bed for downstairs and then head off to the hospital for the day.  

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VegasWatkins said...

Wow I can't even imagine! So glad that you are being taken care of so well our prayers are with you.