Friday, September 26, 2008

Who will crawl first?

As part of Chris'  PT (physical therapy) they are having him learn how to crawl.  Easy for you and me, but not so easy for him.  He was able to balance on all fours today, but maybe tomorrow he will get farther.  Lilly is scooting like nothing else, but we will have to see if she can beat daddy to crawling.  And walking?  The race is on. :)

On a little bit of the fascinating side of a stroke, we figured out that Chris' english requires a lot more thinking (for saying the words) than his Korean does.  He still thinks in English, but forming the words takes a little more effort.  He did learn Korean first, but he has spoken Korean with a bit of an English accent for a while.  Strange stuff.

We are venturing on our own this weekend as my mom and Rachel are visiting their patient families back in Seattle.  Chris' mom and I are just going to trade off at the hospital, which might have Chris sighing in relief.  Only one person to make sure he is doing his exercises and eating right.  

Basic Progression: More shoulder control and strength, better walking with a brace, no ankle movement, no lower arm/hand movement, better independence in dressing and what not, improvement on speech

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Jen said...

I'm glad to hear everything is progressing. We hope the best for you guys!